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Change Questions:  A Playbook for Effective and Lasting Organizational Change

Unlock the secrets of sustainable organizational change.

No two organizational change efforts are the same, so why should your approach be?

It shouldn’t — if you want the change to stick.

The Change Questions produce a customized approach for change that lasts.

The Change Questions provide a proven process with a strong record of sustainment that can be used by anyone responsible for implementing organizational change.

Lynn walks the participants through creating and implementing a change initiative at Union Pacific, the world’s largest railroad company.

Lance Fritz, the Chairman, CEO, and President of Union Pacific, says, “Change Questions came to life for me when I saw their power to transform our daily grind – improvement driven by the individuals doing the work.”

At Union Pacific, using the Change Questions resulted in a dramatic increase in operational performance and a 96% sustainment rate over hundreds of change initiatives.

The course is accompanied by a free downloadable digital workbook in a fillable pdf format which will be used during the interactive class session and may be retained by the student for future use.

Learning Objectives / Takeaways for Participants

At the completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key areas to consider when implementing change that sustains
  • Download the free Change Questions Digital Workbook for future use.
  • Practice using the Change Questions Digital Workbook to answer one of the Change Questions during the class.
  • Retain the Digital Workbook for future use during implementation of his/her own change initiatives.