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Learning to Manage Personal Change with SCARED SO WHAT

We’ve not been taught how to manage personal change for ourselves or within our school or work environments.

People can accept or reject change.

Thus, a new model has been created to support people in learning how to manage personal change for themselves.

It’s called SCARED SO WHAT.

Dr. Grant Van Ulbrich, global sales transformation director for Royal Caribbean and founder of SCARED SO WHAT Ltd., will introduce this new model and talk about the importance of personal change and how we all can learn to manage it for ourselves and within our practice as leaders, coaches, and change makers.

Learning Objectives / Takeaways for Participants:

  • The difference between Personal Change and Organizational Change
  • How we can learn to manage personal change for ourselves
  • The new personal change model, SCARED SO WHAT
  • The importance of critical self-reflection and making an informed decision
  • How to create an action plan to manage personal change
  • How this new model affects leadership and coaching practices?
  • Why the new book Transforming Sales Management? (Sneak overview to what’s inside)
  • Introduction to the new personal change management app