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Presentation Title: How Technology Can Make Work More Human and Operationalize “Inclusion and Belonging” and Go Beyond Stereotypes to Make DEIB More Personal

New advances in SaaS software combined with psychometric profiles and analytics, can deliver insights through existing collaboration tools like MSFT Teams, Outlook, Slack, Gmail, and Zoom so that organizations can ensure improved understanding, connection, and communication for everyone.

Leaders become better leaders, as well as all individuals become better team members, and contributors.

Everyone becomes more “agile” – with psychometric, scalable technology the dawn of the agile enterprise is here.

However, the challenge (as always) is not solely technology, but what role do leaders play in such DEIB software?

Also, for tools like this change management is not just organizational, but individual, one person at a time.

How do tools like this move organizations, leaders, and employees beyond the stereotypes that drive DEIB, and take it to the personal level?

Join us for a journey into how technology can make work more human, and improve collaboration, inclusion and belonging.