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Change Starts with You: The Power of a Coaching Mindset for Your Change Management Prowess

Do you ever feel frustrated when you are supporting people and organizations through change? I hear you. I’ve been there countless times and it can be both physically and mentally tiring.

Why do we feel like this?

As agents of change we often find ourselves caught between the projects teams desperately trying to implement change and the operations teams reassuringly trying to resist. Stuck between these two opposing business forces we can be exposed to moments of friction and conflict that themselves effect how we work.

Moreover, we can collude with one side or the other as we take responsibility in a desperate attempt to get the change over the line.

But are we accountable? Is our success attached to the success of leaders, managers and employees all accepting and adopting the change. Not when you bring a coaching mindset to the table. When you bring a coaching mindset to change it allows you to create space between you, the people going through change and the outcome the change tries to achieve.

In this session we will look at how a coaching mindset perhaps has it greatest power not in helping others but actually in helping yourself.

We will explore

  • The power a coaching mindset has to our own effectiveness as consultants
  • The interplay of self-reflection and resilience for developing self-care
  • How to have a career with proportionally more fun, laughter and happiness.

Helping others become conscious of their own limiting beliefs is powerful. Doing it for yourself is game changing – for you, the people you work with and the clients you support.