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Change Management – A Critical Success Factor in Enterprise Lean / Agile Transformations

Change Management is an often-ignored aspect in lean and agile transformations.

We tend to focus a lot on applying the methods and frameworks while ignoring the crucial “change” aspect of the transformation.

Sankar Govindan works with the Development Center of Siemens Healthineers, a leading medical technology company.

The Development Center develops software for the different business areas within my company.

His job is to enable a lean/agile transformation in a 3200-person strong organization unit where they use a collection of lean methods, called the HPS (Healthineers Performance System).

In January 2019, Sankar started his role as the person responsible for the HPS transformation across the Development Center.

At that time, they kick-started the transformation.

He communicates with and report to the leadership team, and also works with teams in the different businesses and the key leaders across my organization in driving this transformation.

Sankar had several challenges: How to kickstart the transformation? How to get the leadership buy-in? How to drive the transformation across a heterogenous organization with business segments that are diverse in nature?

This presentation details the change management approaches that he used to address these questions and gather momentum in moving towards a culture change.

Learning Objectives / Takeaways for Participants:

Participants will learn about applying change management to enable lean/agile transformations in large organizations.

Sankar will be sharing his experience on topics such as:

1) His initial failures and how he dealt with them

2) Applying change management concepts to:

  • Get started with the transformation
  • Get the leadership buy-in
  • Scale-up the transformation year on year
  • Measure the progress of the transformation
  • Sustain the progress
  • Deal with resistance to change
  • The role of a change leader: Change leader as an expert, consultant and coach

3) Success factors for a sustainable change

4) Common pitfalls